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Bellissimo Premia

BELLISSIMO PREMIA is a world class acrylic solid surface that is ideal for all kind of applications including countertops, wall panelling, bar counters etc. and can be formed into any shape and size. Composed of high-grade Aluminium Tri-Hydrate (ATH) and acrylic polymers, Bellissimo Premia is approved for all food contact applications and meets highest quality standards for fire safety and indoor air quality norms.


Commercial Establishments

Bellissimo Premia sheet is an ideal product for finishing countertops of commercial establishments like retail showrooms, food outlets, cinema halls, convenience stores and many more.

Public Institutes

Bellissimo Premia Applications for public area and institutions include washroom counters, wall panelling, wash basins as well as general furniture cladding applications.

Hospitality and Health-Care

Being subject to influx of large number of customers, both health-care as well as hospitality segment require materials that are easy to maintain and meet highest standards of hygiene.

Residential Applications

Applications for Indian residences is quite unique and Bellissimo Premia is designed to cater all these requirements. Bellissimo Premia is the ideal solution for kitchen countertops, washroom countertops, feature walls and partitions.

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